on being 30

I thought it would be appropriate to set down in words some of my deepest, most profound thoughts on turning 30.
Here are some of the actual thoughts I have had recently about this momentous event:

"If I go back to bed and sleep the rest of the day, will it still happen, or can I still stay 29?"

"It could be worse. I could be 30 AND a Kardashian."

"Oooh! This means I can start throwing out disdainful generalizations about the younger generation, while at the same time becoming increasingly estranged from their daily culture. Also, I will never sound cool using slang again, but will continue to insist on using it to trick myself into thinking I am still relevant. Sick!"

"If I go to another Coldplay concert, I will now be one of those 'older people' I wished last time hadn't showed up to the concert. Dang it all."

"Maybe I should learn piano. I hear it slows the deterioration of. . . um. . . what's the word? Shoot."


Photo courtesy of mzacha at sxc.hu

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