good words

I thought today I'd share with you some of my favorite words, as well as the reasoning behind why I like them. Please try to contain your anticipation.
This list is by no means exhaustive, because I like many different words and also because I'd rather not completely bore you.

Bufanda - Spanish for "scarf." Not only do I like scarves, this is a word I've always enjoyed saying. Try it yourself, just yell it out! "Bufanda!" (Boo-fawn-duh!) Then, apologize to anyone who might have just been startled. Actually, don't apologize, since you have now graced them with this awesome word. Feel free to shoot them a cool, "You're welcome," or "De nada," if you'd like to stay linguistically consistent.

Rapscallion - This is one of the old-timey jewels that I hope to revive back into everyday use. It means "a mischievous person" if you happen to be a pirate or a very old grandpa. 

Horsefeathers - Also from the realm of the older generations, this was my dad's ultimate go-to "swear" word. No one was laughing when he used it, but it became one of those things he did that my friends and I would chuckle over later. I've tried to incorporate it into my own vocabulary, but fail because I can't help but laugh at myself. 

Rigmarole - Doesn't this perfectly describe the excessive and unnecessary steps and/or trouble we encounter from places such as the Secretary of State, automated customer service lines, hospitals, and governmental agencies? I think it does.

Hubbub - I am convinced this came directly from watching so many classic Bugs Bunny cartoons. I've been this one up for getting after the next generation of kids. 

Twitterpated - Please. Wasn't this really the only thing worth taking away from the movie Bambi

Fabulous - I think this word is, well, you know. 

Azure - My favorite color is blue. This just makes it fancier.

Estrella - Spanish word for "star." I like stars, and I like the star shape. What can I say?

Bamboozled - Maybe I like this because it has the word "booze" in the middle, and maybe because it starts with "bamboo." Either way, it looks as foolish as you will feel when it happens to you. 

Kindred spirits - OK, you got me. This is technically a phrase, not one word. My blog, my rules. This comes from the book series Anne of Green Gables, and if you don't understand what it means, you probably aren't one. At least, not one of mine. 

Epiphany - I just like how it sounds.

Counter-intuitive - I think I've successfully used this in a sentence once, and I instantly felt smarter. You try it!

What are some of your favorite words? Please post them in the comments, to both amuse me, and to let me know there are some fellow word nerds out there. 

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