the obligatory 30th birthday post

Hi! I turned 30 today. I felt physically sick. . . supposedly because I had a cold and not because of my age. I haven't been out of the house since I went to Walmart on Friday, which was where I went to get cold medicine.

Otherwise, I had a pretty low-key birthday. My family got me some nice presents, and we had the traditional birthday favorite, cherry chip cake. We watched the Super Bowl, and as I type this I'm watching Dirty Dancing and feeling kind of sad that Patrick Swayze is dead.

30?!?! Hide me!
On another note, I wanted to do something different because of this chronological milestone, and also because I need something besides TV to keep me occupied while I'm at my mom's a little longer. I am planning on doing  a series of 30 blog posts, with a post each day (today counts as the first one), on a range of topics, some of them funny, some of them serious, some of them random things that have come to mind. Who knows what will show up?


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