Yes, we are still here in the good ol' hospital. Mom's doing pretty well overall, just waiting for her digestive system to get back to normal enough for them to discharge her, which should be just about any day now (please, please dear Jesus). Until that happens, here are some haiku, drawn from the past two weeks (!) of being here. Enjoy!

Free beverage day
In the cafeteria.
Dang, the ice ran out.

That piece of artwork
Sucks. Why place it in such a
Central location?

The sign above states,
"Information," but Ethel
Has left for the day.

HIPPA Alert! I
Heard what you were saying in
The hallway, Nurse Amy.

Is it harmful to
Absorb one's body weight in
Hand sanitizer?

I cannot avoid
Elevator awkwardness.
What floor did you want?

The speed limit states
14, which seems like an odd
Measure of safety.

I'm pretty sure that
Stain on the floor is more than
Just spilled chicken soup.

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